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Reliable technology powering your business.

Real Time Monitoring

View the location of a single asset or individual in

Historical Tracking

Quickly see where an asset or person has been during a specific time frame.

Comprehensive Reporting

More than 20 available reports to give you the data you need.

Alerts & Notifications

Customizable alerts and notifications to improve safety and reduce costs.


Integration with your systems is never easier, you can integrate with your payroll, TMS,ERP or any other systems you might have. 

Powerful Mapping

OpenLayer Integration: Your choice of map services and layers lets you see your data, your way.

Multiple Geofencing Tools: Circle, polygon and route-based geofencing tools allow quick and easy alert/notification creation.

Routing Made Easy: Keep drivers on track and on time with Find Closest Item, Find Address, Share Directions tools, and more.


Full-service support for your business.

Dashboards that drive action!

Graphical Reporting: Management is made easy with a library of graphical reports, such as Average Idle Time, Max Speeds, and many more.
Centralized Alerting: Alerts, announcements and other important items are viewable right on the dashboard for quick action as needed.

Action-Item Alerts: Save money with features that let you know when a vehicle is running low on fuel, is due for scheduled maintenance, and other actionable items.

Powerful Mobile Apps

We offer two Mobile apps 
The Monitor: Allowing users to view their assets and monitor all valuable information
The Tracker: turn Smartphones and tablets into GPS Tracking devices without extra gadgets! 

Control Driving Behavior!

Easy configuration
Manage Eco Driving settings in several clicks with intuitive portlet.

Instant notifications
Get alerts on violations to take immediate actions.

Generate reports for benchmarking and fleet KPIs improvement. 

Mobile workforce management

Manage mobile workforce in the most efficient way. It is based on GPS location of the employees and Tasks, assigned to them.

Create tasks quickly on the map or on the timeline. Make tasks copies and schedule repeated tasks. Import tasks from ERP and CRM systems with API and file uploading tool.

Assign tasks to employees, set due dates and times, set possible delay and minimum duration to figure out your current level of customer service.

View tasks by selected date range, by status, by employee or by tags.

Use analytic reports to see how your employees success. Compare individual workers and teams. See how your efforts increase an overall productivity from month to month. 


Courier on the map
track orders right on your website and see the real-time location of the courier, its final destination and estimated time of arrival. 

allows you to add a map on your website or blog and observe the real-time location of your objects. 

and much more!

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